The 100% fool-proof protocol to fight Corona & other soon-to-enter death-dealing global pathogenic attacks. Fortify yourself NOW!

Dedicate the next 5 minutes to read this article if you want to once-for-all beat Corona and those other killer viruses lurking round the corner, and to stay healthy & disease-free until you live. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • With 300,000 officially declared deaths to date in India (3.5 million globally, and counting), the pandemic has nonstop been claiming thousands of lives of Indians every day in its 2nd wave, and unimaginably beyond the clutches of our govt-sanctioned vaccines.
  • The world watches on horror-struck, inadequacy and impotence drilled into its marrows even as the 3rd wave hurtles toward the country in Sports-Mode on steroids; merely months away, so the scientists say; and with the masses still reeling under the shock of the 2nd wave!
  • The pandemic ironically has fancied no distinction between the homeless and the billionaire. And the latter, despite having received the best medical care, could do absolutely nothing to drive the virus away with their wealth.

Why couldn’t any medical treatment heal those who sadly passed on? One reason. They suffered from a compromised immunity.

Would this then mean that those who are yet fine and haven’t contracted Corona so far have stronger immunity? Maybe yes, maybe no, or maybe they have simply been taking better care of themselves by diligently maintaining social distancing and wearing masks without fail while stepping outdoors; immunocompromised or otherwise; for the disease is airborne.

Here, I list out the ABC’s to stick with if you are looking to tide the pandemic phase over safely, along with your loved ones unscathed.

Drop me a mail to have a health protocol tailormade to suit your genetic and hormonal needs. However, before you do, please understand — The one-size-fits-all application will not work here, for each body being different in its genetic/heredity structuring and biological parameters would demand a customized protocol to cater to its specific health needs.

And if you are an unfortunate victim to cancer or any other life-threatening aliment, get in touch to give yourself a fighting chance to battle and beat it by following a holistic health protocol comprising potent blends of nutraceutical, vegetable/fruit/herb extracts, and nature cure compounds.

I am a naturopath who specializes in cancer, having treated cancer patients and others for over two decades, and I strictly believe in the body’s capability to reinstate its state of health provided we provide it with the right nutritive compounds it requires in fighting the pathogen within on a cellular level and to achieve remission by triggering cell memory. Read the para again.

Kindly Note:

a) I have neither specified nor suggested the names of any nutritive compounds or supplements in this article as, like stated, humans are differently structured biologically and genetically, thus require to be put on health protocols only after evaluating a principal set of standard health considerations, the parameters or reads of which would differ from one to the other. To add, a separate group of nutritive factors/health compounds would comprise health protocols designed for patients with preexisting conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or other chronic conditions.

b) My schedules run tight owing to several registered patients awaiting their turn, and the Corona situation in India isn’t helping any. Kindly allow me two days to reply.

I thank my good friends Mr. Somashekhar-ji in Delhi, and Ms. Teppa Bhuvaneshwari-ji in Mumbai, for having requested me to come up with a concrete health plan to take on not Corona alone but any other pathogenic attack and emerge victorious.

I wish everyone the best. Namaste.

A Nature Cure Doctor by profession–An Energy Worker by choice–I spend a chunk of my time within the void, or the bliss-suffused land of nothingness.