I can vouch for Mother India’s sorrow as I feel it in my marrows. This country faces issues that must be addressed now.

  • We must put a complete end to cow slaughter. And I mean COMPLETE. “Gau Hatiya” must stop. India, or Bharat Mata, is a land where we refer to the cow as “Gau Mata” to give it the status of a mother. Our mother most definitely is unhappy with us, for we have only been hurting her endlessly.
  • When superficial remedial measures fail, then harder, stricter measures must be brought into place to combat all round wrongdoings. An embedded thorn gets extracted only with another thorn.
  • As per the dictates of Dharma, or righteousness, to eliminate elements that pose a threat to society is the duty of the leader of the land. The instance of Krishna ordering Arjuna in the Mahabharata to shoot arrows of death at his cousins, relatives, and other kith comes to mind. I urge you to not hesitate to do the same if needed today, for the battle we fight as humans against the virus is no less than the Kurukshetra war or the World Wars which took place.
  • Hindus have India alone as a country to call their own. We have 1 Hindu country among 195 countries belonging to other mainstream religions. The World Atlas, in 2017, identified 45 Islamic countries, and 16 countries following Christianity, with the U.S. leading the pack with a population of 230 million people. The Hindus, however, have only 1 country in the entire world they can call a Hindu country. If Hindus feel unsafe here, it does not augur well for the country. Let us strive to keep Bharat Mata a Hindu country.
  • There are noble souls in the Muslim community, like in all others, no doubts, as you find goodness everywhere. The government must promote and support Maulanas and Maulvis who nurture “humane” beliefs while tracking the misleading, misguiding ones in the community, to shut down their activities that go against humanity.
  • And this must happen with religious heads and leaders hailing from all the religions. To weed out the ones that disregard our holy texts and preach against humanity, and to lend a platform to those inclined toward overall harmony and peace is the way to go, for this alone shall please the one nameless, formless Almighty.

A Nature Cure Doctor by profession–An Energy Worker by choice–I spend a chunk of my time within the void, or the bliss-suffused land of nothingness.

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Bharathraj Iyengar

Bharathraj Iyengar

A Nature Cure Doctor by profession–An Energy Worker by choice–I spend a chunk of my time within the void, or the bliss-suffused land of nothingness.

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