Hail Shri Shri Prabuddhananda Saraswati Swami-ji!

Today, I bring his Holiness’s timely and imperative message to the Prime Minister of India, deeming it the highest of honor to be doing so, and supplicate myself at my Lord Shri Shri Prabuddhananda Saraswati Swami’s lotus feet to enable me to aptly usher our beloved Swami-ji’s words to the P.M. of the Nation.

Dearest Narendra Modi-ji,

Blessings unto you.

The name, Narendra, which translates to the lord of men, is a special name that stands for the one who forever stays victorious, or the one who knows no defeat. And it aptly suits your persona, your psyche, your selfless nature, and the role you play today, not alone as our loved Prime Minister of India, but that of a leader of leaders across the globe.

You, my dear Prime Minister, have so far proved yourself by standing rock solid behind your citizens and your sisters and brothers across the world during these disastrous Coronavirus affected times, and humanity today has its eyes on your prudent yet valorous approach to the pandemic.

Indeed, proud are we Indians to have got a son of the soil as our Prime Minister!

I send this message to you in context with two most distressing incidents that have taken place in this country, one in Palghar, Maharashtra, on April 16, 2020, and the other in Bulandshahr, U.P., on April 28, 2020, or this morning, which I am certain would not have escaped your vigilant notice.

On April 16, 2020, a mob of over a hundred people on the said night, in the presence of three-four policemen, lynched and thrashed two Sadhus to death even as the holy men begged for mercy.

Highly disturbing videos of the gruesome incident showed the Sadhus initially safe within the police station, following which the policemen escorted them outside to only lead them into the hands of the blood-thirsty mob that sealed their fates within seconds of their stepping out!

Yes, in seconds, their blood freely soaked the soil they had lived over for decades, and their bodies lied mangled in an unidentifiable state, for those that took part in the unpardonable act attacked them and kept at it to the extent of turning the helpless old Sadhus into unrecognizable masses of human flesh.

This morning, an enemy of humanity, a human one just cannot call a human, has murdered two Sanyasis in cold blood in Bulandshahr, U.P., and the police have caught the murderer. The news channels all over are telecasting the shocking episode!

I have no words to express my feelings as I dictate this message, for tears choke me.

Sanyasis, after taking up asceticism or the ways of the Ochre-robed, coupled with their having given up on anything to do with materialism or worldly living, are those who have severed ties with all, including their blood relations. They dedicate their lives to achieve the ‘sole’ goal humans must realize after taking human births: To unify with their core being.

And in doing this, these Ochre-robed souls look upon all equally, hurting none while serving the entirety, going by the rules of Sanatana Dharma.

Sanyasis, who live by the word, spend their lives in praying to the Almighty for the well-being and evolution of humanity.

Now, when such souls meet with gory ends owing to a few hundred people mercilessly beating them to death, for whatever reason, with their blood flowing over the land they lived upon and spent selfless, innocent lives praying in the interest of those who butchered them in cold blood, with the police, the upholders of law, watching, to top, the ‘Karmic’ backlashes of the same cannot be easily done away with. It portends bad times to come.

Although I trust you will see to it the concerned are brought to justice, my single question is — Can whatever punishment meted out to these demons in the guise of humans bring back the dead? Or mitigate the agony the Sadhus experienced that killed them?

I am a Sanyasi, an Ochre-robed Sadhu, and have followed and preached nothing but nonviolence throughout my life, and I ask for a justice that will stand as an example to the rest of India, especially to the barbarians living among us who dare to inflict harm upon men of God who would not dream of hurting an insect!

A famous saying by Basavanna, a 12th century Indian saint and mystic from Karnataka, comes to mind.

Easwaran is another name for Shiva, or God. Basavanna valued the quality of compassion found in humans above all else because he believed that compassion for one’s fellow beings alone would help one progress spiritually, to attain oneness with the core being of their heart at the fastest. He refers to compassion as ‘God’s alms to humans’ as it is the rarest among noble qualities and the single that can attune us with our reality, or the essence within us.

A shift in consciousness is a direct result of the feeling of compassion extended toward all beings, which makes one lead a life of harmony on both the internal and external fronts. Indeed, the easiest and only way to Moksha, or liberation from the endless cycles of birth and death, in Kali Yuga.

I can vouch for Mother India’s sorrow as I feel it in my marrows. This country faces issues that must be addressed now.

  • We must put a complete end to cow slaughter. And I mean COMPLETE. “Gau Hatiya” must stop. India, or Bharat Mata, is a land where we refer to the cow as “Gau Mata” to give it the status of a mother. Our mother most definitely is unhappy with us, for we have only been hurting her endlessly.
  • When superficial remedial measures fail, then harder, stricter measures must be brought into place to combat all round wrongdoings. An embedded thorn gets extracted only with another thorn.

Miscreants attacking doctors and health workers in Bangalore and other parts of India must be dealt with severely. Such law-breakers dare demand to be fed Biryani and other preferred food stuff while under police detention, with no remorse for their actions! The law must dispense rigorous punishments that will bring good sense into them. This will stand as an example to those harboring similar notions.

  • As per the dictates of Dharma, or righteousness, to eliminate elements that pose a threat to society is the duty of the leader of the land. The instance of Krishna ordering Arjuna in the Mahabharata to shoot arrows of death at his cousins, relatives, and other kith comes to mind. I urge you to not hesitate to do the same if needed today, for the battle we fight as humans against the virus is no less than the Kurukshetra war or the World Wars which took place.
  • Hindus have India alone as a country to call their own. We have 1 Hindu country among 195 countries belonging to other mainstream religions. The World Atlas, in 2017, identified 45 Islamic countries, and 16 countries following Christianity, with the U.S. leading the pack with a population of 230 million people. The Hindus, however, have only 1 country in the entire world they can call a Hindu country. If Hindus feel unsafe here, it does not augur well for the country. Let us strive to keep Bharat Mata a Hindu country.
  • There are noble souls in the Muslim community, like in all others, no doubts, as you find goodness everywhere. The government must promote and support Maulanas and Maulvis who nurture “humane” beliefs while tracking the misleading, misguiding ones in the community, to shut down their activities that go against humanity.
  • And this must happen with religious heads and leaders hailing from all the religions. To weed out the ones that disregard our holy texts and preach against humanity, and to lend a platform to those inclined toward overall harmony and peace is the way to go, for this alone shall please the one nameless, formless Almighty.

A firm believer in Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s words, it gladdens and pleases me to note that your acts adhere to the universal Lord’s teachings which center upon “compassion” extended to all fellow beings.

I completely agreed with you when you, on March 26, 2020, said “Karuna to poor is the answer to Corona.”


Shri Prabuddhananda Saraswati Swami, Matha Head.

Sri Soma Sai Skanda Ashram, Bengaluru-Mysuru National Highway, Nidaghatta Village,
Maddur Taluk, Mandya District,
Karnataka, India.

A Nature Cure Doctor by profession–An Energy Worker by choice–I spend a chunk of my time within the void, or the bliss-suffused land of nothingness.