Change this and you’ll change your world!

Isn’t change the only constant? For whatever we see, including ourselves, is subject to change. Anything in life, and I mean anything, eventually changes to become dated, then withers away. Nothing stays brand new forever! We change externally, to turn old, then die. And we change internally, for the better or worse, until we get to our deaths!

But if there is a thing that hasn’t changed so far, which should have begun a few hundred centuries ago; yes, a few hundred centuries ago; it is the outlook humans have borne toward life and the priorities they’ve prioritized along the ages, meaning from the time we left behind being primates and entered human-hood — it’s been a really long time!

And what did we prioritize all along?

We prioritized the propagation of our race. We prioritized earning, to fend for the family. We prioritized protecting our near ones that depended on us from coming to harm. We prioritized securing our futures by amassing however much we could of whatever as per the norms of the times, if only to ensure our progeny stayed secure and lived in peace. We prioritized living healthy, zestful lives.

Now who would see anything wrong with the above? Civilizations have done the same from eons, and we do nothing different today from following the footsteps of our predecessors even as we try our best to save ourselves from Coronavirus on date!

So, where did we goof up? Or should the question have said — What did we not prioritize beside all else we did?

Let us for a moment inspect an aspect of paramount importance that says much on the matter, albeit one humans have wholly forgotten. Or is it we deliberately opted to forget the same, disregarding it as inconsequential or irrelevant?

What is asexual reproduction? Asexual reproduction is reproduction taking place without two distinct entities from the opposite sexes, a male and a female, coming together to enable the fusing of the sperm and the egg. Single-celled organisms and some plants fall in the bracket.

Humans, to the contrary, belong to the reverse category. We are procreators. Procreation, or sexual reproduction, is the only way to further ourselves as a race, and we do not differ from myriad other living beings that propagate their species by procreating or reproducing.

The human sperm and egg are prime carriers of biological parameters that a newly formed individual is born with, especially health. And this either brings in issues at one’s later age or permits a person to stay healthy until the very end. Science calls this genesiology, or genetics.

21st century advancements in Embryology have permitted scientists to understand that personhood, or the condition of being a human, begins at fertilization, happening the moment the sperm and the egg fuse.

The second the zygote is ready, the immaterial part of any living entity, or the energy essence that some allude to as the soul, takes over the assigned being — Nature at play — Creation in action.

When the soul takes over the soon to be human, it brings along with it the innate qualities or tendencies that the body it spent time in before had imbibed and lived by, coupled with the repercussions of the actions it must face through the new body as decided by the deeds of the past it engaged in while in the older body.

Please read the above twice, then proceed.

Souls are carriers of both favorable and unfavorable tendencies and trawl the same when their transition from an older body into a newer body happens. A blend of both good and not-so-good make us all, though with varying percentages that decide the nature of acts we perform, and with their resultant consequences which must follow at a near or later date.

I call your attention to the prime among favorable tendencies in humans — Innocence.

Innocence knows nothing other than itself, hence itsNumero Uno’ status among other favorable traits found in us. Innocence is a state of mind that is yonder the mind, the abode of God. Innocence is God. Innocence found in children melts the hearts of the stony-hearted. Innocence radiating forth from anyone reaches out to the innermost beacon within us all, for it lives as the cornerstone to every being’s very existence albeit with none knowing or realizing the same!

And innocence is what we haven’t yet prioritized, evolution’s sole demand from humans today, and the one attribute we’ve conveniently hidden away to the point of it getting lost! Revive innocence, and we’d have bounced back into the game.

What game? The ongoing game on Earth that we currently play, and with no choice or say — The game of evolution. The game is about our evolving alongside evolution and its express asks of us, the leaders of the belt, or living in tandem with the demands of evolution.

And evolution’s demands change with the times, like everything else does.

Evolution demanded little from us as we transitioned from chimpanzees to humans, for we were more-or-less on par with its movement until then. But as time moved on and as we evolved from being cave-dwelling hunters & raw meat eaters to planned settlers that formed societies and charted intelligent ways of life, the gap between humans and evolution’s asks started forming.

How? Evolution called for a set of rules we needed to stick by, and we did not.

As primates, we interbred with our own to multiply and live, and with moral laws nowhere close to our system. We picked multiple partners, including our children, roamed naked, got together to mate in the open, defecated in the open, and basically lived an animal’s way of life. And evolution was okay with it then because we had an extremely limited number of years to live and mated to promote our own. The survival of the fittest was the law. We had no choice. Above all, as primates, our discriminatory powers were negligible or absent! We did not know what it was to be a human!

As humans, though, the rulers of the land, we have a far distinct set of laws in place that advise us to multiply our breed, only with underlined specifications attached to the framework. Polygamy, the standard practice among beings other than humans, is against the law in most countries across the globe. Spouses of those cheating can approach the court of law to get a divorce and receive alimony. The law consequently decides which spouse would get custody of the children involved, if there are any.

But where did we goof up? We goofed up, and big-time, by mis-treating innocence. And this has upset evolution’s rhythm. We’ve broken the prime among the rules — We’ve buried innocence.

— We destroyed innocence when our children awoke to our fights and abuses.

— We destroyed innocence when we bribed our children with goodies to get them to do whatever.

— We destroyed innocence even as we watched our favorite programs in the presence of our children to let the TV corrupt their minds while we labeled the same as experience gained!

— We destroyed innocence when we introduced sex education in schools and taught kids how to use condoms and avoid pregnancy.

— We destroyed innocence when our children blatantly started watching movie scenes with couples doing everything else but the act because “naked” has been the new “in” from when I was a kid!

— We destroyed innocence when we trained our children to turn adults in their minds even as they stayed unaware of their undeveloped bodies, for 10-year-old kids in skimpy clothes on TV reality shows that are all over, gyrating to Bollywood songs with their twisted lyrics says it all, I reckon.

Did we leave any stone at all unturned? I think not.

Welcome to the word — Conditioning. Conditioning makes us who we are. And conditioning starts at birth, to persist for a lifetime, or maybe several! Conditioning taking place during a person’s tender years stays with them until their death, turning into routine subconscious habits to only get added to the existing list of one’s innate tendencies over time.

We were kids too once, and the same happened with us. We require none to remind us of how, when, where, and under what circumstances, situations, and happenings throughout our lives, from the times we remember, we began losing our grip on innocence. We were born innocent, to only lose it a grade after the next, like our children did, and their children will.

There is nothing wrong with a married couple that’s committed to the other and spends quality bedroom time, and I’m willing to bet evolution has no objection to our enjoying sex this way.

But evolution neither appreciates nor approves of immoral sex, paid sex, sex for favors, sex with multiple partners, sex with animals, or sex with children! Evolution expects a one-on-one game from us as the call of the times. Why? It’s about evolution.

It’s time we trashed those unwanted taglines we’ve heedlessly borrowed and backed, the first among them being if you’ve got it, then flaunt it! Well, flaunting it has gotten us into trouble, hasn’t it?

“One hardly sees any flaunters nowadays flaunting whatever they thought was flaunt-worthy, for Coronavirus is flaunting it to the world now while our curvy flaunters, those famed for baring it all, are going about their routines all covered and masked!”

Think about it. Envision if only for a minute the world around you and people everywhere suddenly having returned to revive their innocence; how would it be?

Adults would go about their business with innocence instilled in their hearts. Rapes, murders, injustices committed on one’s own, wars, terrorism, oh, anything negative or immoral, would turn things of the ugly past, hmm? For I doubt a child could commit any of these acts.

“To bring back the child in us, and to live lives with equally innocent outlooks while fulfilling our worldly responsibilities, ever keeping in mind the asks of evolution unto the greatest among living beings, the authorities of the tier we inhabit; us; is the way to move now.”

So let’s get going!

A Nature Cure Doctor by profession–An Energy Worker by choice–I spend a chunk of my time within the void, or the bliss-suffused land of nothingness.