The 100% fool-proof protocol to fight Corona & other soon-to-enter death-dealing global pathogenic attacks. Fortify yourself NOW!

Dedicate the next 5 minutes to read this article if you want to once-for-all beat Corona and those other killer viruses lurking round the corner, and to stay healthy & disease-free until you…


Would you like to live to a ripe old age with no health concerns or bothers?

Would you like to own the vitality and energy levels of a thirty-five-year-old until you die? (I rule out unfavorable past karmic considerations.)

And would…

You’ve got it wrong if you thought they were a fresh batch of online drug peddlers, AI-backed Jihadis, newer social-media pretenders, or just-arrived obscure cyber-criminals lurking to get your credit card details!

Because I turned out wrong too guessing much the same when Wendy shot the question at me last Friday!

Welcome to the world post-Corona, and to the new bullies on the block today, at least in the field of Education — meet the proud and vigilant online fee-paying parents of…

Change this and you’ll change your world!

Isn’t change the only constant? For whatever we see, including ourselves, is subject to change. Anything in life, and I mean anything, eventually changes to become dated, then withers away. Nothing stays brand new forever! We change externally, to turn old, then die. …

Bharathraj Iyengar

A Nature Cure Doctor by profession–An Energy Worker by choice–I spend a chunk of my time within the void, or the bliss-suffused land of nothingness.

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